Swimsuit Modeling is one of the most popular types of modeling. Just look at what Sports Illustrated calls their best selling gimmick every year. Here are some tips if you are going on a swimsuit shoot!


*Stick your booty out to accentuate your curves. Be conscious of the 'S' shape you want to be producing. I stress this even when doing Lingerie which really if the same thing!

*Barbie toes! Always point your toes. Even if you're in the sand and your toes are hidden. It's good for posture. Makes you look longer and Slender and shapes your legs.

*Arch your back. This is especially important when lying on your back.

Grooming and Preparation

Even when you're skinny, you should suck your belly in just a bit, not to the point where rips show, but tighten your stomach muscles and it will make you look better. Just not too much to show the stress on your face. smile

Think angles, and curves with your body. Try different variations of curving/arching your back if you're laying down. If you're known to blank out when thinking of different poses, print out a bunch of cool pose ideas and keep them handy during the shoot for ideas

edit: drink plenty of water the night before and day of, make sure you get good lotion on your face before you put your makeup on, try not to have tan lines, or at least make sure your tan lines match the suit you're going to be wearing.

Make sure to shave the night before so you don't get redness. And if you still have a little redness around the bikini area, a little concealer will help. (don't always rely on the photographer to use photoshop for every little detail!! They spend hours...I mean hours on editing) The only note I have is if you need to get rid of the hair on your bikini line by shaving, shave the night before by shaving with the hairline at first, then against. Apply an anti-irritating deodorant after shaving to help prevent bumps and irritation.

Um...bring different bathing suits! Do your nails! (Usually a neutral color that matches with what you are wearing) Stay away from White and really light color bathing suits that will over contrast in the sun.

Bring a small mirror/lipgloss to walk around with if you're shooting in the sun. Usually a photographer is worried about other stuff than your makeup smearing or wearing off so a quick 2 second check every now and then can make a difference!! (one time we shot like 200 frames that were not very useable because the model had one raccoon eye from accidentally rubbing it and the photographer didn't notice right away)

Do not wear a bra, panties, sunglasses or any tight fitting clothing before the shoot as it will leave marks on your skin when you're wearing the bikini.
One of my pet peeves is seeing models wearing stripper heels when they are posing for a designer or a commercial website intended for marketing the swimsuits. And posing with your butt sticking out and pouty expressions is totally out of line with that concept, as well.


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